As an active artist manager working with symphonies, concert series, opera companies, and internationally performing artists, my positive and negative work experiences give an authentic view into the everyday life of music business. My philosophy of “you are a business” is applicable to aspiring and seasoned music educators, performers, audio engineers, producers, composers, arts administrators, and artist managers.

Simply being able to perform at a high level does not determine success in our field. Business savvy is required to have a competitive edge upon graduation or later in one’s career. Workshops and seminars that offer real-world examples, interactive dialogue with informed and experienced professionals, and practical information on the ever-changing business aspects of classical music give emerging performers and administrators the best chance for a successful career path.

Topics include:

Effective Communication: Branding, Marketing and Media
-Message and Image Creation and Consistency
-Website Development
-Marketing/Publicity Resource Development
-Social Media and Mass Email/ Media Relations
-Effective Written and Verbal Communication
-Capturing the Local and Regional Music Market

Selected Legal Aspects of Music Business:
-Contracts/Agreements Content
-Negotiation of Contracts and Terms
-Basic Copyright/Licensing
-International Issues (Visas, Work Permits, Currency Exchange, Wire Transfers)
-Tax Concerns Specific to Performance

Music Production and Programming:
-Relevant and Progressive Programming
-Multimedia Integration
-Recording and Production
-Marketing, Distribution, and Sales

Arts Advocacy, Administration, and Entrepreneurship:
-Relationship Building with Community and Individuals
-Fundraising/Friendraising (Image, Relationships, Working with Boards and Thank You)
-Dual Role of Manager and Presenter
-Dealing with Difficult Personalities
-Establishing and Marketing Yourself as a Teacher
-Multiple Sources of Income as Producer and Entrepreneur
-Advocacy for Your Artistic Organization or Artist